The Real Coasts and Castles

Having made it to Beadnell yesterday via the beaches, I was to meet Steve from work and a couple of his mates for a fat foursome.

The rendez vous went well, and shortly we were on the beach heading to Bamburgh Castle.

There was some inevitable high jinx as the guys wanted to pile off the sand dunes, but with my tired legs, I stuck to photography.

After that, northwards progress recommenced and we were soon at the castle.

From here, some off beach riding, initially on lovely dune singletrack.

Later on a big road detour (into a headwind) to go through Belford and rejoin the coast at Beal. At this point the group splits: I head north towards Berwick, whereas the others head over the causeway onto Holy Island for a play on the sand.

After a long 11 miles, Berwick comes into view.

Journeys end – what a fun weekend!


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