London Revolution

Yesterday was the first day of the Dulux Trade London Revolution, and I was there! Previously it was my role to come up with stupid ride ideas (normally accompanied by the phrase “how hard can it be?”). Today was full-and-square down to Brian (indeed, he was signed up for both days).

After a drive down the A1, M18, M1, M42 and M40 we had a quick dinner, went to dump my car near the finish at Windsor Racecourse, then back to Brian’s for a bit of telly before a four hour sleep.

The next day we headed over to Lee Valley Sports Centre, got parked up, registered, met Neal and skipped the traditional bacon sandwich in favour of getting on the road.


There is a great route description here, but in short: head south into London, over Tower Bridge, through Dulwich, past Crystal Palace and out into the countryside.


We have a short, fast descent to our pitstop 1 for refreshments, then thread our way westwards through beautiful Surrey countryside to pitstop 2.

Brian and Neal after escaping London
Pit Stop 1 Bike Racking
Still a long way to go…
… but plenty of motivation on hand.

From pitstop 2 there are two climbs over the Surrey Hills, then undulating country northwards to Virginia Water and onwards to Windsor.

Plenty of walkers who hadn’t done their training in the North Pennines
All over, bar the five hour drive home

The weather was forecast to start cold, but rapidly warm up, with a strong-ish wind from the south west (so in our faces for much of the day). The reality was that the wind delivered as-promised, but he warming up bit and staying dry didn’t. There wasn’t much rain directly on us, but the roads showed that we had clearly dodged a lot of big showers.

Despite the lack of training (one 100km ride a couple of weeks ago), the time in the saddle hauling the fat bike around seems to have paid dividends, and a day later, I feel pretty much fine.

We agreed this was the last time for this event: we’ve done it a few times, and it is great, but time for something else; probably something self-organised. Neal mentioned half-way between him and me; unfortunately, that probably means a beasting in the Peak District…

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 10.12.56.png