A combination of not having been up Helvellyn in the Lake District for a while, and never having cycled up it resulted in me giving this a go this weekend. Fair weather forecast and the last few weeks being very dry meant it should be a good trip out.

A quick spin down the road from Glenridding to Patterdale, and then it was uphill along the road along Grisedale, gradually turning into a track, and then (after the bridge) turning into a rock path heading upwards.


On arriving at Grisedale Tarn, you’re confronted with that eerie feeling: you can hear voices, but can’t place them: straining eyes can just about pick out walkers on the other side of the water, but conditions mean you can hear them clearly.



In any event, enough of dawdling, and time to now head steeply upwards up Dollywagon Pike. A beast of a climb that had me putting the bike on my shoulders to allow progress up the (many) steps.



Once on top, despite a few ups-and-downs to come, essentially the hard work is done. The views are magnificent in every direction, and before long I’m at the summit of Helvellyn. It’s rather crowded, so just a quick rest and then onwards.



A pleasant ride northwards eventually must come to an end, and it’s time to head down above Keppel Cove and to the mine workings above Glenridding, then a short and fast blast down to the car.

A great day out, another classic route on my “to do” list has been ticked off. Next time I might try the fat bike to see how it copes…