A trip up the High Street

A perfect weather forecast, some Jumbo Jims on the fat bike, and a pass out for a days biking!  Does it get any better than this?

I parked up by Brothers Water, and started the long push up to Hartsop Reservoir, quickly losing the puffer jacket and getting hot and sweaty.

Once up onto the tops, the view was amazing.  A long northward pootle over mixed terrain, sometimes rocky, sometimes boggy, sometimes downhill, sometimes uphill: but all good.  The 4.8″ front tyre rolled well over pretty much everything; floating over bogs, socking up rocks, and being great off-piste when I mistakenly went up to the summit of Kidsty Pike and was heading for the easterly descent – quick about turn in order!

Eventually Ullswater comes into view, and I double back West to descend to the lakeside. Rather than the path around Ullswater shore, I decided on the trip down Boredale, with a strenuous final few hundred meters, tough enough alone, a proper work-out when hauling fatty!

From Boredale Hause the first part of the descent was too steep and gravely for safety, but quickly shallows out and allowed a rapid descent to Patterdale, and back to the car via a nice tiny lane.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 18.41.37.png