A (High) Cup of Festive Cheer

Having the festive season fully booked as holiday, and a fat bike to ride, I figured it was time for one more trip this year to High Cup Nick – just a there-and-back given the short days.


The cold snap, and a brisk cold westerly conspired to make it a little more challenging.  The peat bogs were frozen-over (good), but the paths were also liberally coated with large ice patches (less good).  All the way out I was battling the wind.


Once at High Cup, the wind was so cold there was just time for a photo, a small cake from the rucksack, and then time to head back to the car (this time wind-assisted).

I had passed earlier, and then met for a chat on the way back, a group of three guys hiking out to High Cup.  They were full of expectation, having seen the walk on a Julia Bradbury programme a week ago.  My first visit here was in 1987, and it is still spectacular.  I hope they enjoyed it too!