A London Revolution

16 of May was penciled in for the MITIE London Revolution. I’d ridden one day last year, so it was same again. Work had been scheduled to get me to London (via Cambridge and Slough), and despite a reversal of revolution direction this year (which meant we’d be cycling through London), all was set fair.

The team was Brian and Neal from Dulux, Gareth (ex. Dulux, but still with AkzoNobel), and Rob (mate, and supplier to AkzoNobel).

Rob and I met up with the others at the start, joined the queue and set out on the road. Riding through London can be scary (especially the central London return from the Ride London 100 last year), but this wasn’t so bad, especially as were were in reasonable groups. Progress was slow due to the inordinate amount of traffic lights, but eventually some of the iconic landmarks of the Gherkin and Shard were spotted. In a matter of minutes we were on Tower Bridge and south of the Thames.


A pull upto Herne Hill, and later Crystal Palace were not too serious at this time of day. After that it was just a long drag to the North Downs. En-route, we spied Alistair, leader and entertainment from last years Ride Across Britain. Dulux Trade had a big team out on the road, and this was one of their impromptu roadside stops.

Shortly after this, we had a left turn to descent off the Downs into Oxted. The road was steep, and a bad accident had happened earlier, with the ambulance bringing the rider up as we descended. Hope they are OK.

After a stop at the feedstation, I informed my teammates that I’d be stopping half-way. I’d developed a strange headache I’d been having since my recent crash, and also with little time on the bike yet this year due to a couple of injuries, I was starting to feel it. OK, we were also running late, and half-way was Rob’s house where I was staying, and an afternoon in the pub was also beckoning. Rob and I informed the organisers that we were out, and rode the remaining 15km to the pub at the end of his road, and got the beers in (and subsequently got caught by Alistair as Dulux Trade rode by the beer garden).

A great weekend out with some great mates, and hopefully now I can start to up the mileage and get ready fro this years Ride London 100, as I see my teammates of last year, Anna and Holly, have certainly been putting the miles in…