Haydock to Penrith

Wednesday, 10th September

Live tracking.

Today I should be joined by Mike Elwell, now a work colleague, but originally studented together in Manchester.


Riding from Haydock Park to Hutton-in-the-Forest (Penrith), riders will have passed through Wigan and Preston with the scenery becoming more pleasurable with fantastic views across the Fylde coast to Blackpool Tower and inland to the edge of the Pennines. Prior to joining the A6 the Ride travels in a northerly direction just before Keswick. The route then takes in the world famous Shap Climb from the steep side, providing great views of the Lake District prior to a great finish to Hutton-in-the-Forest.

Beautiful photos from Jonny’s day up Shap Fell in 2013 (link).  Hope we get the same weather…

211x85_sponsorAs part of the Dulux Cycle Challenge, I’m riding to raise money for The Outward Bound Trust: “We aim to help young people realise their potential through learning in the wild. We create a supportive and challenging environment in which young people can learn about themselves and see clearly, perhaps for the first time, what they might truly be capable of achieving in life.”


2 thoughts on “Haydock to Penrith

  1. Actually spending today in the Dulux bus due to a knee injury that flared up yesterday. I had to get onto the broom wagon and skip the last 60 miles. Seems like an old mountain biking injury has come back to haunt me. Giving it a rest today, and will review how things are set for the rest of the ride.

    Scenery (west Pennines) and weather are fantastic, so the guys on the bikes should be having a good day out!

  2. Well that is what we used to call P to the power of 7 Gareth, except you did do all the preparation…hope you get riding again, the weather is so fantastic this week!

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