Lands End to Oakhampton

This morning we were woken from our tents at 5:30, and ready to go by 7:00. After the obligatory team photos at Lands End we set off.

The first third was hilly, but the kegs were fresh, and seeing St Michaels Mount and meeting mate Prof Tony Ryan on the road were highlights. I rode this section with the “middle speed” Dulux peloton.

The middle third was OK, but we knew there was a steep descent and climb coming. However, there were so many we never knew if the current one was “the one”. I rode this with Claire from the Slough labs, as she said her pace was sedate, but it kept me on the edge.

The last third was just awful: Constant climbing and descending, legs tired, bum sore, and seemingly never ending. Eventually we made it in around 5pm and had to queue for ever to get a shower, then a quick dinner before a leg massage. Finally a couple of beers with Tony before our briefing talk about tomorrow: Its going to be as hard as today…

Bed now!

No pictures at the moment as the network coverage is poor.


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