High Polymer Research Group Meeting

I’m just back from the High Polymer Research Group annual meeting. This wouldn’t seem like anything connected with cycle training, but the program has time set aside for socialising and meeting the other delegates, so this week I’ve been learning about sustainable polymers in the mornings, riding with a couple of professors in the afternoons, and catching up with some old university friends in the evenings.

We managed three rides, first on Monday the famous Cat & Fiddle Route, climbing out of Pott Shrigley, a fast descent to Kettleshume, then another big climb to Windgather Rocks, followed by the 1-in-3 descent down to the Goyt Valley. We then had a gradual climb up to the Cat & Fiddle, before an undulating trip back to the hotel.

The beautiful upper Goyt Valley
At the (unfortunately closed) Cat & Fiddle

On Tuesday Mike was around, who will be joining us for a stage of the Ride Across Britain in September, so we went for a more gentle training ride around the countryside near Macclesfield. Not quite out onto the Cheshire Plains, so still quite lumpy, but in a different league to the Cat & Fiddle ride. The only really hard part was the climb back to Bollington, which Mike accomplished without walking – kudos to him!

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 17.03.30 (2)
Red – Monday; Green – Tuesday; Blue – Wednesday

On Wednesday the legs were definitely feeling sore and tired, so we decided to do a short ride. Climbing up and over to Kettleshume, back up to Windgather Rocks, but then back down towards Pott Shrigley, which still had a few nasty short climbs around Nab End.

The conference was great also, and we had an all-time record for the Manchester Polymer Group getting together!

photo 2
Professors Ryan, Rimmer, Stanford, Steptoe and Fairclough, with the rest of the Manchester Polymer Team.