Spring (at last)

Took a quick spin around Knitsley, before a quick cafe stop at the farm shop, and then a return to home via the railway tracks.  Lots of PBs on Strava show I’m getting fitter, but there was an old bloke on a commuter who I had a chat and a ride with near Esh Winning, before he blew me away on the hill to Billy Row, and another old bloke (this time on a road bike) who I had to work hard to catch above Crook, and then spent a pleasant 10 minutes riding with him just chatting.  More room for improvement I think.

Lambs have arrived on Pea Hill 🙂

on Hownsgill Viaduct

One thought on “Spring (at last)

  1. I find opening the throttle on my bike blows the old guys away surprised you did not stop for an ice cream you must be in serious traing

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