No weight loss (yet)…

So in January I have cycled 183 km, and not managed to lose any weight (although surprisingly after Christmas, it wasn’t back up to my pre-cycling levels).


Highlights of the month are bringing in the New Year with a trip up to Easedale Tarn for Liz’s New Year dip, a lunchtime spin up on the moors (beautiful) and the Woodcote CX Sportive, a rather muddy affair.


I have only managed to raise £10, and this isn’t even showing on my fundraising page, as my Aunt managed to put it on the wrong site!  So come on, get behind me and visit my fundraising page.


One thought on “No weight loss (yet)…

  1. dont stress about it too much i started the whole weight loss thing and went from 14.4 stone to 13 in about 2 months , took up cycling to help it along and have lost bugger all from doing it but feeling a hell of a lot fitter.keep it up

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