Nice weather for ducks…

So what’s in a training ride?  Traditionally these are seen as an opportunity to get miles in your legs, get used to the burn of going up hill, and generally doing the hours in the saddle required for a big event.

Today, Neal and I completed the Woodcote CX Sportive for the second time.  For the second time this was a muddy horror story (though this time we were better prepared and were on our mountain bikes).  The weather was shocking, with rain starting (as advertised) just at the starting briefing, and getting more-and-more intense as the morning progressed.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 14.13.25

So what kind of training is this?  I think it can only be summed up as training for getting out of bed early when you know the conditions are going to be awful; training for riding all day in pouring rain that’s just a few degrees warm of being sleet; training for the wind; training for those flooded roads when you just have to hope you’ll make it out the other side.

Back home now, warm, and with the washing machine serenading me as it tries to get the mud out of everything…

Post Script: Results now out. “The Wildwood lived up to it’s wild side on a brutal day – cold, slashing rain and slicing winds conspired to make life as hard as it could be for riders, but the surprisingly good turn out who braved the conditions were up to the challenge. Some may have cut short and others succumbed to mechanical demons, but everyone gave it their best shot on a day when a fantastic spirit overcame the dreadful weather!”


One thought on “Nice weather for ducks…

  1. Hi Gareth. My wife suggested I check your blog out. Wow, there’s nothing like setting yourself a small challenge!
    I wish you all the best in your training and preparation (although I think you might want to invest in a wet suit the way our weather has been) and I look forward to being kept up to date on your progress.

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